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V3.5.0 | Results Importing, Split Management, Custom Event Formats

This time we've built a whole new split management system (F1 league managers would know this as a Tier management system!). This allows you to drag and drop drivers between splits/tiers before your season starts and mid-season, with results being carried over.

Gamescom 23: A Significant Step Forward For Sim Racing?

My first time at Gamescom was an eye-opener. The scale of this event is enormous. Not surprising really, 3.1 billion people game... But what was surprising, is how much sim racing was present at the event.
Forza Motorsport at GamesCom

Forza Reveal at Gamescom 23: 4 things we learnt

Forza Motorsport was the headline act of GamesCom in our eyes.... obviously. We were incredibly hyped to play the game and see how it squared up to its main rival, Gran Turismo 7.
Team Standings

V3.4.0 | Team Standings, Timings and Points!

it's Team Standings that claims top spot on our release headline. You can now earn points as a team of as many drivers as you like (10 v 10 if you really want?!) and see Team Standings next to Driver Standings.

V3.3.0 | Event System Overhaul and Point Structures!

This time we've focused on improving the event creation flow after some really useful feedback from the guys in our Grid Finder discord server. We've redesigned the event creation wizard to make it a lot clearer and simpler and totally redesigned the event settings pages.

V3.2.0 | New Driver Dashboard and F123!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to Version 3.2.0 of Grid Finder! Here are some of the new features you can look forward to seeing on Grid...

ESL R1 Championship: A Grid Finder Guide

The 2023 ESL R1: Racing Released Championship kicked off in style this season, with 12 teams and 48 drivers battling it out to finish...
F1 Esports 2023

F1 Esports 2023: A Grid Finder Guide

The new season of F1 Esports is well underway, with the first two phases – Qualification and Challengers – complete, the third – Pro Exhibition – is ongoing. These three phases all lead up to the great culmination of the season, the Pro Championship. 
Grid Finder v3.0.0


It’s finally time. Version 3.0.0 of Grid Finder is here! This is a bit of a sweet moment for the Grid Finder team as it’s...
ADAC Sim Racing Expo in Nuremberg Germany

Grid Finder chats all things Esports at the ADAC Sim Racing Expo

In December 2022, Grid Finder connected with the sim racing world at the 2022 ADAC Sim Racing Expo in Nuremberg, Germany. For the Sim Sundays...