Hello there! We have the most exciting news to announce,, our beloved sim racing news hub, is making a grand comeback. Let’s dive into what this means for all of us and how Grid Finder has been able to play a pivotal role in this revival. The Journey So Far started strong, quickly becoming the go-to source for all things racing games and sim racing esports. From race coverage to in-depth reviews, gameplay previews and live streams, it had everything a sim racing fan could dream of. But, like any great journey, it hit a few bumps along the way. was shut down in late 2023 by Motorsport Games.

With going dormant, there was a hole left in the sim racing community’s heart, longing for the authentic, personable content and engagement that had become loved for.

We at Grid Finder, had an idea!

Where Grid Finder Comes in!

Recognising the gap left in the community, Grid Finder sought to help get back on their feet. With the support of the RAFA Racing Club, we set about reviving the brand and bringing back as many of the original team as possible.

We were incredibly lucky that Tom, John, Ross, Oasley and Emily are all back to build Traxion into the best sim racing and racing game content site in the world.


We have ideas for how Grid Finder’s league management and livery marketplaces can work side by side with Traxion to provide more racing, more creativity and more value for the sim racing community, but for now, we’ll be supporting Traxion to get back on their feet and get back to what they do best, entertaining and informing racing gamers!

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While you’re here, check out’s first YouTube video of the new era!