2 Rounds down and 4 to go, this time we head to the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park with the ever impressive GT3 Car Class, including the new Ford Mustang GT3 and Chevrolet Corvette GT3’s recently added to iRacing, lets prepare to move into Round 3 of this seasons IMSA x Grid Finder Time Attack Challenge on iRacing!

Remember, you are in with a chance to win some amazing prizes just be setting a lap time within the Time Attack and having a registered account on Grid Finder. Racers will have the opportunity to practice and compete in a structured environment with a chance to take home prizes for setting laps. Not only the fastest lap times are rewarded, you earn a ticket into the prize raffle for every lap you complete!

Each round mirrors the conditions of upcoming IMSA Grid Finder Endurance Series events, providing realistic practice and the chance to win fantastic prizes such as iRacing credits, racing gloves, IMSA prize packs, and VIP race day experiences.

How to Register

1) Create an account or login into the Grid Finder

2) Link your iRacing account to your Grid Finder Account

3) Head over to the IMSA x Grid Finder Time Attack session on iRacing

4) Complete as many laps as you wish, every lap is a ticket into the raffle draw

5) Check your placement in the IMSA x Grid Finder Time Attack Leaderboard on Grid Finder

6) Take home some amazing prizes from the guys at IMSA, Grid Finder and Rafa Racing including iRacing credits, racing gloves, exclusive IMSA prize packs, and even VIP race day experiences!

Round Three: Canadian Tire Motorsports Park – GT3 Car Class

Round 3 introduces our drivers to the GT3 class in iRacing featuring some of the most advanced and competitive sports cars from renowned manufacturers like BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. These cars are designed to provide a balanced mix of power, handling, and aerodynamics, making them a favourite among sim racers. The GT3 cars are known for their accessibility to both novice and experienced drivers, thanks to their sophisticated electronic aids and well-tuned dynamics.

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, commonly known as Mosport, is a fast and challenging track located in Ontario, Canada. The 2.459-mile (3.957 km) circuit features 10 turns and a mix of high-speed corners, elevation changes, and technical sections. Key sections include Clayton Corner, Moss Corner and the long back straight who’s namesake comes from one of Americas finest drivers, the Mario Andretti Straightaway.

Car and Track Preview with Suellio Almeida

Sim racing coach, streamer and author, Suellio Almeida will be bringing you an exclusive car and track preview for each round of the competition, join Suellio as he takes you around this weeks car and track combination in his unique coaching style

You can see more of Suellio’s content on his social media channels listed here

For more information and to join the challenge, visit the IMSA x Grid Finder Time Attack Challenge page.


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