Showcasing the talent and passion of sim racing’s broadcasters & commentators

What is the Elgato Challenge?

The Elgato Challenge is here! This contest invites sim racing enthusiasts and budding commentators to demonstrate their commentary skills in a compelling 20-60 second commentary clip. Elgato, renowned for their superior streaming technology, and Grid Finder, the home of sim racing leagues, present this challenge as a golden opportunity to showcase your commentary skills in the world of sim racing. Whether you’re a veteran in esports commentary or a fresh voice eager to delve into the realm of sim racing, the Elgato Challenge is your platform to shine and become a new voice in the vibrant world of sim racing.

Why Commentary Matters in Sim Racing

Commentary is the heartbeat of sim racing broadcasting. It transforms a race from a mere visual spectacle to an immersive, story-driven experience. Good commentary can elevate the tension, drama, and excitement of sim racing, making it more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.
In the realm of streaming technology, Elgato is a name that resonates with innovation and quality. Their cutting-edge products are not just tools; they are game-changers in enhancing broadcast quality. This makes Elgato an indispensable ally for anyone keen on elevating their sim racing experience.

How to Participate

Participating is simple, the rules and terms and conditions are below. To submit your commentary reel, visit the Grid Finder Website and create a commentator Profile.

Submission Process:

Create: Make a Grid Finder Commentator Profile.
Upload: Upload your submission to your commentator profile and include #elgatodec23 at the end of the title
Profile Requirements: Complete all fields, including name, platforms, games, availability and bio.
Single Submissions: Only one entry per participant, per month.

Step 1: Head to and click on the top right to log in or create an account.

Step 2: Click on you Profile again in the top right, and click on “View Profile”.

Step 3: Select Commentator Profile, then click on “Edit Commentator Profile”.

Step 4: Fill in all the Information and submit your work in the dedicated section. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #elgatodec23 and make your account active!

Video Instructions are also included on our YouTube channel here

Rules and Eligibility:

Experience: Open to all commentators.

Length: Commentary reel must be 20-60 seconds.

Content: Related to sim racing; can be a show reel or a singular clip. Judges will be looking for creative and innovative commentary and broadcasting (i.e. clips of commentary of a impressive overtake, race start, pit stop strategy, funny moments etc)

Language: Must be in English.

Audio Quality: Clear and audible; poor quality audio is unlikely to be shortlisted

Video Quality: High-quality video and webcam are not mandatory but recommended.

Originality: Must be original work; plagiarism leads to disqualification.

No Offensive Content: Avoid offensive language, hate speech, and controversial remarks.

Submission Deadline: Midnight (GMT) on December 22. Late submissions not accepted.

Judging and Prizes: There will be a selection of judges who will be announced in the middle of each month who will score a selection of 10 shortlisted entries.

Winner Announcement: On the 29th via Grid Finder’s social media and website.

Instagram: @grid_finder Link
X: @GridFinder Link
Facebook: @GridFinder:

Youtube: @GridFindergg,

Intellectual Property:

Rights: Submissions grant Grid Finder and Elgato a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for use and distribution in relation to the Elgato Challenge, with proper accreditation given to original creator.

The Prizes

The winners, will be chosen and will be announced on Grid Finder’s social media on December 29th.

Prizes: More Details to come on the Grid Finder website and social media.

P1 – Stream Deck +, Facecam, Wave:3/DX, Mic Arm LP, Merch Item

P2 – Facecam, Stream Deck MK.2, Merch Item

P3 – Stream Deck MK.2, Merch Item

Conclusion: Your Opportunity to Define the Future of Sim Racing Commentary

At Grid Finder, in partnership with Elgato, we’re on a quest to spotlight the emerging voices of sim racing commentary. This challenge is more than just a competition; it’s a platform where your voice can resonate in the world of sim racing. Here, in this synergy of Grid Finder’s community focus and Elgato’s revolutionary streaming technology, your commentary has the power to captivate audiences and add depth to the racing experience.
So, gear up, grab your mic, and dive into the Elgato Challenge. It’s your opportunity to make an impact, to transform a race with your words, and to join the ranks of influential voices in esports. Your commentary is not just a narrative – it’s the heartbeat of the race, the thrill that engages fans, and the echo that defines memorable moments in sim racing.
Step into the spotlight. Your voice matters in the sim racing world, and this is your moment to shine. Join us and let the world hear the passion and excitement you bring to the race track.

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