Patch Notes – Week 5/2/2024

Grid Finder developers have been working hard on improving league management tools and refining the user experience whilst working on something exciting in the background (more on that later!). Check out the latest additions and fixes below!

  • Register button across leagues, championships and events now fixed and more stable
  • Stats for driver numbers all unified
  • Event timezone discrepancies fixed across the league manager and rest of the platform
  • New event card styling that shows session information more clearly
  • Standalone event points can now be set
  • Championship events and standalone events differences more clear
  • Fixed application process getting stuck in an infinite loop in league manager
  • New rule editor for championships (you can now reorder rules)
  • Fixed reviewing applications, mobile support also added
  • Displaying standalone events correctly in league manager
  • Fixed event modal not displaying correctly on direct URL click
  • Fixed custom track images not displaying correctly
  • Fixed track names not showing up correctly
  • Fixed /profile redirect throwing 404
  • Fixed errors on sim specific pages
  • Points in results stay assigned to the team that the driver was in when those results were set
  • Mobile/tablet design improvements for league section
  • Lots of improvements for medium screen sizes
  • Bug fix with standalone events not showing
  • Event session view bug fixes
  • Application modal now displayed correctly

Thanks to all the communities, drivers and creators who have helped us refine Grid Finder with their feedback. If you want to suggest something or report a bug, join our Discord by following the link below;