Team Standings

Another 2 weeks, another release!

And, excitingly we’re moving fast towards a really big release that may be out even sooner than 2 weeks… 👀

Team Standings

This time though, it’s Team Standings that claims top spot on our release headline. You can now earn points as a team of as many drivers as you like (10 v 10 if you really want?!) and see Team Standings next to Driver Standings. 👇

League Text Search

After many (many) requests, we’ve now added text search to the fabled home page of Grid Finder. Looking for a particular league that you know and love? Just type it into the new text search and voilá! 👇

League Search Text on Grid Finder Homepage

Session Points

You can now assign points to any session! Want to run practice, quali, sprint race, then feature race… then reverse grid?! Then you can, all will sit under a single event and you can assign points to each of those separately. Points for quali? Sure. Points for Sprint races? Yup. Points for practice? Ummm, if you want to? 👇

Save Drafts before Publishing Final Results

So, Monza turn 1 was a shambles and you’ve got 37 incident reports to review before you publish your final results… no problem. Now you can save your results as a working draft whilst you finalise your stewarding decisions. Then, once the penalties have been applied hit publish and the drivers can see the official results and updated standings! 👇

Steam and Timing Preps

You can now manually add timings to all race results. This is a preparatory step for our next release. Users can now also connect their steam account. This is also a preparator step for future releases… I’ll just keep you all guessing!

New games added:


  • Championships can now have teams with team points and standings
  • Leagues can be searched for by text input
  • Sorting of leagues in search results has been improved
  • Link your Grid Finder profile with steam (other platforms coming soon)
  • Improved DNF/DNS/points adjustments UX
  • All sessions can now have point structures e.g qualifying points
  • Results can now be saved for later before publishing
  • Times can now be inputted for results

That’s it for now, see you very soon!

p.s. if you didn’t catch it, check out our latest episode of Sim Sundays with Super GT!


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